Chris Stout

Chris came to us in August and leads our Tech Team at the Murrieta Campus. He also can be found at Antioch and anywhere else he is needed. Chris loves all aspects of worship and thrives on an experience where the congregation can feel, interact, and walk out impacted from the entire experience.

Originally from the Reno/Tahoe area he moved to Southern California while serving in the military. He recently transitioned out of the Navy where he was an Electronics technician and has additional experience as a sound tech, lighting tech, and a tech director. He also grew up in a theater production environment where his family was deeply involved in the local opera association. In addition to being a “twidget” in the military and high school theater, Chris sang in competition choir, a barbershop choir and in opera’s while growing up. Just don’t ask him to sing a tune for you now unless you need an excuse to see your E-N-T doctor.

I’m excited to be on the Rancho Community Team! I never thought that I would be in a position to serve a church in a staff capacity. Rancho has an amazingly talented staff who are of the highest professional quality! They are also truly humble servants who just want to connect with you and minister into your life. It is my absolute pleasure to be part of the team, the family, and be able to serve!

Chris has been married to Stephanie since January of 2006. While technically, Sadie and Joey (chocolate lab and collie mix respectively) are their oldest “children,” Stephanie and Chris have three VERY active children. Ryan who is currently in preschool is the oldest brother to twins Garrett and Savannah.

Email Chris here or call 951.973.2630. Find Chris on Facebook here.